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OSlash Recap 2021

Join us as we look back at a highly eventful year for all of us at OSlash
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2021 was an unprecedented year. A mixed year. A year of despair turning into hope, a year of sorrow giving in to joy, a year of setbacks paving way for resilience and recovery. 

For us at OSlash, it was a year to be grateful for the many milestones we achieved post long days, and tireless nights of working hard. 

So much has happened here in the last 365 days. And we are grateful to have shared this journey with you all - our team, our investors, our advisors, and of course, our users.

Here’s a quick walk down the memory lane capturing our 2021 at OSlash.

But the journey doesn't end here, of course. We hope to enthrall you in 2022 with a slew of kickass updates waiting in the pipeline. 

With our enterprise search, you’ll be able to search for what you need not just among shortcuts but among all your apps and directories. If you ever feel stuck while naming your shortcuts, you’ll find our shortcut recommendations coming to the rescue. And and and, OSlash is going mobile! Carry your shortcuts wherever you go, with our Android and iOS apps. 

All of it, handcrafted with love, from us at OSlash. Coming soon. Are you ready? 

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