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10 sales tools your team can't live without in 2022

10 sales tools your team can't live without in 2022
Garima Behal
Social Media Manager
Jun 3, 2022
8 min
Technology can automate administrative tasks for sales teams, improving efficiency and productivity. Discover 10 tools no sales team should be without.

A great sales team can make or break a business. Effective sales connect people with your products and services, convert new leads to paying customers, and secure long-term loyalty.

Good salespeople are the key to success. Equipping your sales team with the right tools can help them do their jobs even better. For example, productivity tools can save sales pros' time and effort collecting tedious lead information, giving them more energy to focus on connecting personally with potential clients. This allows for more meaningful customer interactions.

If you work in sales yourself, those benefits probably make you sit up and take notice!

By simplifying repetitive or tedious admin tasks, sales tools let you get more work done quickly. More sales mean more commission — and more money for you! Clearly, better-streamlined sales processes are a win-win for sales professionals and their employers.

If you Google "sales tools," you'll probably become overwhelmed by the many different technologies available. Where do you even start? 

We take the stress out of selecting sales tools. This guide provides a roundup of some of the top Software as a Service (SaaS) tools and technologies to improve sales engagement.

Why use sales tools?

Sales automation technology can simplify a lot of different tasks associated with sales work, including customer relationship management (CRM), sales forecasting, market intelligence, and analytics.

By making these tasks easier and less time-consuming, these tools free up salespeople's time for more complex duties — like winning over potential clients. This improves sales cycle efficiency and effectiveness.

For example, take a task like sending out sales pitches for a marketing campaign via email. A customer support tool can help salespeople create and save ready-made email templates, saving time and effort.

The tool can also track when initial emails are sent and provide notifications to remind salespeople to follow up. This ensures leads don't fall through the cracks.

Plus, the sales CRM tool can store data about specific customers, like what they've ordered in the past and when they ordered it. This can be useful for salespeople looking to make a pitch and close a deal — and it improves the customer experience.

This is just one example of sales-related processes becoming more efficient and easy through sales management software. The below list covers some of the best sales tools and can give you a better idea of the many ways technology can make life easier for sales individuals and teams.

10 sales tools for boosting results and efficiencies

Improve your sales productivity with these technologies. They'll make day-to-day tasks easier for sales reps, helping them stay happy and focused on the job — which likely means more sales for the company!

1. HubSpot

HubSpot is a CRM software that takes care of tedious tasks like email tracking, document management, and call tracking. It can also automate sales tasks, like sending follow-up emails. Here are some of the reasons salespeople love HubSpot:

  • Generate email campaign templates for sales pitches, which you can personalize using key customer data
  • Capture details of sales calls to get insights into what does and doesn't work when converting clients
  • Manage both email and telephone sales in a single automation tool, covering every step of the sales pipeline
2. Yesware

Yesware is a productivity platform designed especially for salespeople. It helps speed up email outreach with automated templates, email tracking, and follow-up. It also provides data on your success stories and failures, so you can improve in the future. Here are some key perks:

  • Get metrics (like when people read, click, or open email attachments) and use analytics spreadsheets to see which emails are generating leads and conversions 
  • Save top-performing emails as templates for you and others on your team to use
  • Integrate the tool with your Microsoft Outlook or Gmail account for easy tracking
3. Calendly

Meetings are a huge part of any sales job — informational meetings, follow-up meetings, training meetings, etc. The list is neverending! Keeping track of all those appointments is tough. Busy salespeople can use Calendly to make appointment scheduling less of a headache. Here's how:

  • Create a simple, sharable link to a calendar tool with your availability, so people can schedule meetings in a free slot
  • Sync Calendly with your digital calendar, so booked meetings are automatically added to the agenda
  • Schedule diverse meetings, including individual, group, and multi-host meetings — all without endless email communications
4. Zoom

These days, sales meetings don't have to be face-to-face. Zoom's video conferencing tool makes it easy to hold remote sales and informational calls, saving sales teams hours of commute time. Here's why Zoom has won over sales teams:

  • Zoom whiteboards offer a collective space where people can visually brainstorm ideas together using a virtual whiteboard
  • Zoom lends itself to many meeting types, including one-on-one calls, group calls, webinars, tutorials, virtual events, and more
  • Zoom IQ allows sales teams to gather sales call data, transforming conversions into actionable insights you can use to improve future sales
5. LinkedIn Sales Solutions

LinkedIn is no longer just a professional networking platform! LinkedIn's Sales Navigator tool is a sales intelligence platform that lets sales pros quickly target potential leads, understand consumer behavior, and engage with promising potential customers via InMail. Perks include:

  • Access LinkedIn's extended global network of decision-makers, getting unlimited searches with advanced options like region, industry, seniority, etc.
  • Use Sales Spotlights, which automatically flag potentially useful search results for you
  • Track people and companies automatically and get real-time alerts when changes occur
6. Proposify

You must complete a proposal before closing a sales deal. Proposify helps design and manage proposals, ensuring consistency. Use the tool to create, send, and track proposals, simplifying the process needed to close deals. Here's how salespeople benefit:

  • Create error-free, interactive quotes for potential customers
  • Ramp up the sales cycle by automating tasks like proposal generation and electronic signature functionality
  • Create consistent contracts and cover all the key points needed to seal the deal
7. LeadIQ

Prospecting for leads is one of the most time-consuming parts of sales. LeadiQ simplifies outbound sales prospecting by recording contact information in one click. It eliminates busywork by automatically completing prospect profiles, so you can prioritize qualified leads — and approach them with a personal touch. Here are some of the advantages of the prospecting tools:

  • Streamline the prospecting workflow by quickly capturing comprehensive data about new sales leads, allowing for easy prioritization within your list of sales contacts
  • Use the analytics dashboard to monitor salespeople's activity according to details like region and title
  • Integrate with lead generation tools like Salesforce, avoiding repetitive data entry
8. Dialpad

Sales is all about communication — both internally within teams and externally with customers. Dialpad brings both worlds together, providing one central hub for team member and customer communications. Other perks include:

  • Leverage artificial intelligence to finetune sales outreach
  • Choose from various communication channels, including voice, video, and chat
  • Benefit from Dialpad versions for niche industries, like health care and real estate, catering to large and small businesses alike
9. PandaDoc

The final stage of the sales funnel: Getting the customer's signature on the dotted line! PandaDoc makes this last hurdle even easier, offering an all-in-one tool for creating, editing, and signing documents. You can easily edit contracts in the cloud with no back-and-forth emails needed. You'll also love these advantages:

  • Capture legally binding e-signatures securely and conveniently
  • Duplicate existing workflows to create, send, and track documents in a simplified approvals process
  • Leverage API integrations to quickly merge your data with ready-made templates, creating personalized documents fast
10. OSlash

Whether B2C or B2B sales, a sales job is largely about information sharing. OSlash simplifies the information-sharing process by transforming complex links into easy and unique links you can remember and share. Perks include:

  • Create single-click shortcuts so your entire sales team can access a page in a fraction of a second
  • Use the private switch to create shortcuts for your eyes only
  • Skip copy-pasting and share OSlash shortcuts verbally or visually
  • Sync shortcuts across multiple browsers and devices
  • Keep shortcuts organized by grouping them in collections with set tags

Create shortcuts that everyone remembers with OSlash

Salespeople need to be "on" all the time. For example, if a customer asks for an informational link, you don't want to waste time hunting it down. OSlash is the answer.

This tool creates easy-to-remember and simple-to-share links in a snap. Our intelligent browser extensions for Chrome, Safari, Brave, Firefox, or Edge allow users to transform any URL into a simple, intuitive shortcut.

Handy OSlash sales shortcuts include o/sales-plan, o/playbook, o/leads, o/demo, and o/contracts, to name just a few. And don't forget o/wins for sharing sales team success stories to keep people inspired!

Plus, you can quickly search all your apps to find the content you need to share with co-workers and customers. The last thing you want in the middle of a sales call is to be fumbling trying to remember a link. Trust OSlash to help you connect others with the page you need in a fraction of a second. Try it now.

Create, access, and share all these documents with OSlash

When moving fast makes all the difference, rely on OSlash. We help you convert all your documents to human-readable shortcuts for the whole team to make sure no one ever has to ask: where the heck is the link now?
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