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How to increase your productivity with OSlash text expander in 2023

The OSlash text expander can be a game changer to your workflow. Save time and keystrokes with custom shortcuts built for you & your team
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To be more productive, you have to focus on being less busy. 

While that sounds counterintuitive, all the leading experts in the field would concur: busywork is the enemy of getting actual work done. 

Scurrying through emails, messages, and history for links; attending meetings that could have been emails; jumping through hoops to surface information; replying to dozens of messages; sending the same responses again & again; and fielding similar queries. All these and more drain your time, effort, and keep you distracted from the real work that should command your attention. 

Fortunately, a lot of this busywork can be eliminated if you use OSlash

With the text expander, you can kick off your year saving 30+ hours a month.

Sounds like a sweet deal? Here’s how it works. 

1. Send emails faster with OSlash text expander

If you send out similar emails day in & day out, OSlash text expander is tailor-made for you. By creating snippets of text that you most frequently use in your emails, you can use an abbreviation to insert the copy wherever you want to. For example, you can use o/intro to insert:

Hi <Alex>. Hope you’re doing well. I head engineering at OSlash and would love to get your feedback on what we’re building here. Let me know if you’d like to connect soon.

You can create as many snippets as you want or dig into your workspace snippets to insert ones created by other members of your workspace. Using snippets and eliminating repetitive typing in the process is a great way to save time spent not being productive. 

2. Supercharge outreach and bag more leads

What does a good outreach strategy look like? It involves shooting out hundreds of emails a day, ensuring follow-ups are sent on time, and not giving up even in the face of mass rejection. 

Whether this sounds familiar or not, one thing’s for sure - outreach is super exhausting! To make it simpler, faster, and a lot more efficient, the best way to go about it is to create snippets that are ready to use. 

With a text expander, you can draft a template for each cold email you send often and save it as a snippet. Then, you can insert it within seconds, personalize it by adding dynamic variables such as name or company name, and get more work done within the same time. 

With OSlash text expander, the entire GTM or Sales team would find it super helpful to prepare cold email content in advance so that everyone from a newly joined intern to a seasoned executive is on the same page. Companies can maintain consistency in their message, voice, and outreach efforts by standardizing sales email templates. 

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3. Respond to customers instantly

It is common knowledge that patience is not an expected virtue of the customer, especially the ones who come with their grievances. 

In such cases, it serves a company well to respond to dissatisfied customers promptly. But how does one do that? The answer lies in using OSlash text expander to create canned responses. 

Canned responses refer to quick, standard, and predetermined replies to routine questions asked by customers about the product/service. They are helpful for companies that answer a high volume of FAQs that require prompt and accurate responses. 

For example, a customer support agent may only need to type o/feedback to thank a customer for providing feedback in the chat. The shortcut can expand to a full-fledged response:

Thank you so much for your kind words. Making our customers happy is our topmost priority. And we’re immensely glad we could do that. Sending your wishes (and some much-deserved kudos) to our team right away!

Companies can use text expanders to create a repository of canned responses and let everyone invoke them within milliseconds. 

4. Surface information in under seconds

OSlash does not just allow users to invoke hundreds of words with the help of shortcuts such as o/intro or o/complaint-redressal, it also enables workers to open apps and frequently-visited links in seconds. 

With shortcuts such as o/roadmap, any member of the organization can navigate to the Notion doc that contains the company statement. With o/insurance, users can open and access the company insurance policy without spending valuable time and energy searching for links. 

In other words, OSlash renders information intuitively accessible. 

5. Share links conversationally

OSlash text expander can transform all your frequented links and snippets into easy-to-remember shortcuts such as o/company-blurb or o/payslip. 

This means that these human-readable shortcuts can be shared verbally or visually too. So the next time someone requests the link to the campaigns, all you’d have to say is o/campaigns. 

Better yet, OSlash also lets you insert links across multiple apps without copy-pasting a URL. All you’d have to do is type out o/issue-tracker, and the shortcut would convert into a hyperlink automatically. 

6. Use custom shortcuts to navigate work

For all the power users, OSlash text expander helps you navigate your entire work right from the keyboard. 

With a powerful launcher that can be invoked with cmd/alt + J, users can search through their entire browsing history and shortcuts in one place. 

The OSlash Launcher is incredibly powerful. It is the greatest productivity hack that can save you the effort it takes to work across a diverse set of disparate applications everyday. 

Try out the best text expander in the market

Convinced that you want to give OSlash text expander a spin to free up more time in your workday? Get started for free - OSlash - and thank us later. 

Using a text expander like OSlash to create shortcuts can help you save ~30 hours a month by automating your most frequently used snippets, formatting them to look beautiful, and inserting variables in highly personalized messages. 

It is super easy to use and share with the entire team. You will be able to create snippets for your team, your workplace, or just for yourself. Additionally, you can also highlight anything on the web, right-click and convert it into a snippet with OSlash. 

With OSlash’s ability to transform your most frequented pages/links into simple shortcuts such as o/daily-standup or o/q1-priorities, you can find, access, and share information blazingly fast. 

It is the best tool to streamline your workflows and be more productive.

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